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The microbiome: Manipulation, application and reaction. A report on a day's conference at the Royal Society fo Medicne from Kate Lawrence who was also a speaker on the day.

How addressing dental issues could help resolve Lyme Disease... The Swiss BioHealth clinic in Konstanz leads the world in the use of non-titanium ceramic dental implants. But the Biohealth concepts and procedures developed at the clinic are now not just resolving difficult dental problems but health issues from arthritic joints to Lyme’s disease. December 2017

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): How To Fight The Winter Blues Effectively. An interesting blog site with helpful suggestions for coping with SAD adn sleep disorders. March 2017

Fats and how they work. Margaret Moss decribes exactly how saturated and unsaturated fats are and how they affect inflammation and clotting. October 2016

Stress: Physiological and Immunological Reactions
As part of our on-going Q&A about histamine, Dr Janice Joneja was asked whether there could be a connection between chronic hives, stress, anxiety ane histamine. Her answer to that specific question can be found here, but she went on to discuss the physiological and immunological effects that stress can have on the human system. January 2016

FreeFrom in the Himalayas – Michelle BJ goes walking in the foothills of the Himalayas.
2007, updated 2012

Water medicine – and water and allergies - Dr Batmanghelidj believes that dehydration lies at the root of most chronic and acute 21st century maladies – including allergy. 02/10 & 06/11

Winter Blues – coping with SAD by Sinnet Morch

Antibiotics offer benefits with significant risks – 2010 - John Scott
While taking an antibiotic can, in some circumstances, be a life-saving intervention, over half of all antibiotics cause adverse reactions. They also inevitably lay waste vast numbers of indigenous intestinal microorganisms, a loss from which we may only slowly, and possibly never completely recover...

Alternative antibiotics – 2007
John Scott looks at some alternative, non-drug-based natural antibiotics for those with a drug sensitivity, an intolerance to any of the many excipients used in drug manufacture or any problems with compromised gut flora, they can create far more problems than they solve.

Untangling the Web — Patients, Doctors, and the Internet. Drs Pamela Hartzband and Jerome Groopman. An interesting article in the New England Journal of Medicine, considering, from the physicians point of view, the changes (both good and bad) brought about i nthe doctor/patient relationship, by the internet. 03/10

Can wearing a bra cause cancer? 2009

Advice on web browsing: getting the best out of the internet’s wealth of unmonitored information – Michelle Berriedale-Johnson 2006

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Research Reports

Does the body’s circadian clock control the production of inflammatory cells and thus the body’s immune response in the case of autoimmune disease? November 2013

How stress influences disease and health

Study calls salt intake guidelines into question

You are what you tweet: tracking public health trends with Twitter

Light therapy for SAD not the placebo effect 

Essential oils make efficient antibiotics

Placebo effect really does reduce pain – an explanation of how.

Who's for a 'power pea' or an 'Xray vision carrot'?...

Improving bleach's bug-killing potential

Pesticides may be responsible for reproductive abnormalities

How chronic emotional stress ages the immune system

Major mumps outbreak suggests vaccination doesn't work
(06/08) via JS

Nonstick chewing gum
(05/08) via JS

Cloths for pain relief and healing
(05/08) via JS

Allergooncology - new international field of research into the relationship between allergies and cancer established
(04/08) JS

New 'natural' food colours
(03/08) via JS

Towards allergen free worship
(03/08) via JS

Organic or 100 per cent natural personal care productscontain an unidisclosed carcinogenic toxin 1,4-Dioxane
(03/08) JS

Dealing with allergic conjunctivitis from John Hopkins University

Multiple sclerosis patients find dietary treatment more effective than pharmaceutical regimens
(09/07) JS

First Published September 2007

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