Other allergens

The most commons allergens (those to which the most people in Europe react) are now listed and regulated under EU law but there are many other foods which also cause allergic or intolerance reactions. Sufferers from these sensitivites may find them more difficult to manage as they as not as clearly flagged on ingredients lists.

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Also see our sections on Alcohol, Apples and fruit, Corn/maize, FPIES, Histamine, Latex, Nightshades, Salicylates, Yeast.


Dealing with legume allergies – Sarah Leggatt is a freelance health writer. Her son has allergies to multiple foods, including pea, lentil and chickpea. March 2019

'Non top 14' allergens – Alex Gazzola looks at the many allergenic foods that are not includued in the EU's 'top 14' but which may still cause problems. March 2016

Titanium Allergy. It’s not an allergy which many people have heard of, and yet for some, titanium could be causing sensitivities and other problems. Alex Gazzolareports. September 2015

Could MSG be your problem too? Although not all doctors recognise MSG (monosodium glutamate) as a cause of digestive/sensitivity problems, Jean Stapleton is quite sure that it is for her. Read her story on the On Eagles' Wings blog. January 2014

PPD in hair dye – and elsewhere. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson searches the web for useful information. July 2013

Spice allergy. Spices are widely used in foods, cosmetics and dental products, but 2–3% of the population have a spice allergy. Due to a lack of regulation and the absence of any mention of their presence on food labels, spices are possibly the most difficult allergen to identify or avoid. October 2012

MSG – 'antidotes' to MSG an unlikely places where you might find it. Helpful article in Natural News. July 2012

BSEM – Scientific conference in memory of the late Dr David Freed: Novelties and Controversies in Allergy and Hypersensitivity. July 2012

Warning from Japanese government about the allergic potential of cochineal, widely used as a food colourant. June 2012

Xanthan gum – could it be a problem for food allergics and coeliacs? Michelle Berriedale-Johnson investigates. June 2012

Allergic reaction to an ingredient in bone cement used in orthopaedic joint implants. Also see forum post on electrosensitivity caused by metal on metal hip replecements. November 2011

Fats Matter.  Margaret Moss looks at the crucial role played by fats in inflammation and, therefore, allergy. August 2011


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