Apples and tree fruits

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There is insufficient evidence for using Oral or sublingual immunotherapy to treat allergy to fruit, specifically related to peach and apple. November 2015

High prevalence of lipid transfer protein sensitization in apple allergic patients with systemic symptoms. September 2014

Hypersensitivity to Tomato in Peach-Allergic Patients: rPrup 3 and rPrup 1 Are Predictive of Symptom Severity. 2015

Genetic modification of wild Elstar apples resulted in the 'silencing' of their Mal d 1 gene expression and resulting in fewer symptoms in apple allergic patients. July 2015

Modified proteins as vaccines against peach allergy. January 2014

Effects of long-term storage on Mal d 1 content of four apple cultivars ('Boskoop', 'Elise', 'Pinova', 'Santana' and 'Topaz') with initial low Mal d 1 content. Novmeber 2013

Immunotherapy to apple allergy using apple allergen Mal d 1. Researchers in Vienna have successfully treated apple-birch allergy sufferers. Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology & Medical Express for comment. October 2012

Older varieties of apple may be less allergenic. June 2012

Tolerance of apples achieved by eating them all the time. November 2011

Some kiwi varieties may be less allergy-inducing. December 2010

Cultivating apples to reduce their allergenicity. July 2008

Organic apples contain lower levels of allergen Mal d 1. November 2009

Apple allergenicity reduced by cooking them without sugar. November 2005

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