Cow's milk raw, fermented and A2

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Detailed blog on Allergy Insight questioning some of the research used to support the case for A2 milk. July 2017

Investigation on the Dr Mercola site on the benefitsof raw milk and how it may recue asthma and allergies. February 2016

The benefits of raw milk in controlling asthma and allergies and improving lactose intolerance. April 2015

Is A1 milk really a risk to health? A lengthy investigation into A1 milk by Jim Cross, LAc, ND, in the Townsend Letter. March 2015

Food Standards Agency Board wants more tests before agreeing to extend the sale of raw milk to off-farm vending machines. July 2014

Food Standards Agency raw milk consultation. April 2014

A2 milk claims described as a 'con' and a scam' in Australian press. April 2014

Vegetable and nut milks used to make dairy-free yogurt. January 2014

Making, storing and using kefir – Gill Jacobs. September 2013

New studies confirm that raw-milk is a low risk food. For more on raw milk see The Complete Patient and The Campaign for Real Milk. June 2013

Raw cow's milk – Juliette Scarfe explains why it is safe, healthy and can be tolerated by many who have problems with pasteurised, shop-bought cow's milk. May 2013

How to make and drink your own kefir. A very helpful blog on the Wanted: Crohn's End blog.

A2 Milk - what is all the fuss about? Frances Dale reports. September 2012

Raw (non-pasteurised) cow's milk – an on-going debate. March 2010




Research Reports

Both organic milk and meat contain around 50 percent more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally produced products. February 2015

Is A2 milk less likely to cause GI problems? Study suggests it might although were limitations on the study. Study here. August 2014

Raw milk raises levels of the antiflammatory cytokein IL-10 in mice compared to sterilised and heated treat milk. May 2014

Fermented milk may help prevent food allergies. September 2008


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