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Exploring the gut brain super highway. A Guild of Health Writers meeting looking at the increasingly clear links between the microbiota in the gut and the activities of the brain – with Professors Ted Dinan and Tim Spector, Dr Yoram Inspector and functional medicine practitioner, Lucinda Miller. February 2018

Feeding the Sensitive Gut – Professor Nick Read explains how a sensitive gut can rule your life – and how best to manage it. July 2014

Could MSG be your problem too? Although not all doctors recognise MSG (monosodium glutamate) as a cause of digestive/sensitivity problems, Jean Stapleton is quite sure that it is for her. Read her story on the On Eagles' Wings blog. January 2014

Resistant starch. Two pieces investigating resistant starch, especially in the context of weight loss although it appears also to effect blood glucose and HDL cholesterol. Free the Animal April 2013 and Gym Fitness Magazine 2008.

Some of my best friends are germs. Long but fascinating article in the NYTimes exploring the microbiome, the microbial populations of the gut, their role in our well-being and what damage we may be doing to them. May 2013

Low-dose naltrexone for inflammatory bowel disease– a personal review. April 2013

Gut Immunity – excellent animation demonstrating the principles of mucosal immunology in both health and disease. Janaury 2013

The FODMAP diet (Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols) – introduction to the diet and why it could be helpful with unresolved digestive issues. October 2012

Altered Immunity and The Leaky Gut Syndrome by Dr Zoltan P Rona MD, MSc
August 2012

There is no such thing as a good diet for everyone. Nutrionist Margaret Moss explains why. March 2012

Fecal microbiota transplants effective treatment for C. Difficile and Inflammatory Bowel Disease October 2011

Seven healing lifestyle diets for digestive conditions – good blog pieces covering a range of diets from Wanted: Crohn's End Febuary 2011

Tips for dealing with constipation– an environmenal approach to a common problem – Dr Albert Robbins November 2007

All bunged up and nowhere to go. Micki Rose gives her top tips to get you going if you suffer from chronic constipation. 2009

John Scott's free digestive enzymes - 2009

Antibiotics and the human gut: scientists in the US have completed the most precise survey about the changes antibiotics wreak upon our guts - Latitudes Online 2009

Nucleo Power: nucleotides may be more useful than previously thought for helping with digestive conditions - Alex Gazzola 2009

Leaky Gut Syndrome: What is it and why is it relevant to food allergy and intolerance? Dr Alan Stewart 2009

An Appetite for Worms: an investigation into worms and parasites and their possible therapeutic uses in respiratory and gastrointestinal disease, and in allergy – John Scott 2008

Hypothyroidism – the disregarded epidemic: an investigation into the thyroid and its functions – Tom Stockdale 2007

Sprouted Grains: An introduction to the health and nutrition benefits of sprouted grains, as well as a scientific explanation of their positive aid to digestion – Sarah Merson 2007

Bread – the staff of life or what makes you ill? Investigating bread making practices through the ages and the modern techniques that have created nutritionally valueless, potentially harmful bread – Andrew Whitley 2007

Helicobacter and IBS: diagnosis and treatment options for people suffering from the effects of the helicobacter pylori bacterium – John Scott 2006

Virtual colonoscopy: introducing a virtual, state of the art colonoscopy procedure to replace the old embarrassing, uncomfortable and often painful one – Professor Nick Read 2005

Digestive health: explaining how digestive inadequacies can sometimes be mistaken for food sensitivity – Dr John Briffa 2003


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Research Reports

See A pint a day keeps the gallstones away...


An investigation into the relationship between intestinal parasites and different inflammatory bowel disorders. Spring 2015

Intestinal permeability - a new target for disease prevention and therapy. Review summarising the data that are accumulating emphasizing the important role of the intestinal barrier and intestinal permeability for health and disease. Stephan Bischoff and colleagues in BMC Gastroenterology. November 2014

Oral bacteria irritate IBD. July 2014

The earlier children take antibiotics and the more they take, the higher the risk of them developing inflammatory bowel disease. September 2012

Beneficial bacteria, modified to produce the natural anti-inflammatory protein, Elafin - which mysteriously disappears in patients with inflammatory bowel disease - could restore intestinal equilibrium and prevent or even treat Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. October 2012

A leaky gut maybe be the root of some cancers forming elsewhere in the body – Febuary 2012

Specific carbohydrate diet. A pilot study at the University of Massachusetts Medical School shows significant success with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The abstract for UMMAS here and comment here.
May 2012

Having gastrointestinal disorders can drive, and be driven by, psychological factors
January 2012

Stomach flu may be linked to food allergies
November 2011

Food allergy as a cause of constipation in the first three years of life
June 2011

Frequency of cow’s milk allergy in children with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
August 2011

The genetics of multiple sclerosis involved in immune system function
August 2011

Synthetic surfactant food additives can cause intestinal barrier dysfunction
May 2011

Patients with bowel disease eager to test faecal therapy
June 2011

Digestive problems in early life may increase risk for depression
May 2011

Protein from probiotic bacteria may alleviate inflammatory bowel disorders
May 2011

Could colostrums help manage exercise and heat-induced – and maybe other – gut disorders? 02/11

Overprescribing  of proton pump inhibitors 

Bisphenol-A (BPA) damages the intestines and may lead to leaky gut syndrome.

Pulmonary involvement and allergic disorders in inflammatory bowel disease
– a review – January 2010

Bodily odours offer new diagnostic possibilities
December 2009

A pint a day keeps the gallstones away...
August 2009

Non-specific abdominal pain: could air pollution be the culprit?
August 2009

Toilet tube
June 2009

Astronaut diet works wonders for children with inflammatory bowel diseases
June 2009

Japanese herbal medicines benefit patients with gastrointestinal disorders
June 2009

H pylori control starts with oral hygiene. (Cleaning your teeth helps prevent indigestion and stomach ulcers!)
April 2009

New operation for acid reflux
April 2009

Electro-acupuncture effective against NSAID-induced GI ulceration in a rat
March 2009

Gene variant associated with both autism and gastro-intestinal function
March 2009

Childhood constipation as serious as asthma or ADHD
Jan 2009

Drug may benefit bowel disease patients who have failed infliximab
October 2008

Drug may benefit bowel disease patients who have failed infliximab
October 2008

Vitamin D deficiency common in bowel disease patients
October 2008

Stem cell treatment hope for inflammatory bowel disease patients
September 2008

Gut bacteria could play a significant role in drug treatments
(August 2008

Blood tests could make indigestion examinations quicker and easier
March 2008

Swallowed or sprayed steroids effective for children with food pipe disorder
Febuary 2008

Acupuncture may benefit patients with reflux disease
September 2009

Abnormal number of inflammatory cells in the upper intestine could be cause of common abdominal pain
September 2009

Bowel disease patients not at increased risk of dying
December 2007

Sulphites and Ulcerative Colitis
January 2006

Constipation: It could be caused by a food allergy
(05/May 2007

Pre and probiotics and UC
September 2005


First Published in September 2005


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