Dysbiosis and gut flora

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GAPS – and bone broth – Dr Natasha Campbell McBride believes that there is a biochemical background to every behavioural condition in both children and adults and that the both cause and treatment lie in the gut. Her approach is to eliminate allergens, detoxify, address nutritional deficiencies and thereby reestablish normal gut flora. One of the foods that she particularly recommends is bone broth, but questions have been raised about possible lead contamination. March 2013

Christmas Guts – intestinal function and festivities – Dr David Dowson explains how festive eating can affect your digestion and what you can do to minimise the effects. December 2012



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First Published in Devember 2012


Research Reports

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Gut bacteria may influence brain chemistry and behaviour
May 2011

Gut bacteria found to be far healthier in rural Africa children than in urban Italian ones! 
August 2010

Antibiotics destroy beneficial gut bacteria August 2009

First Published in August 2009


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