The articles and blogs below include everything from specific advice for allergic/gluten-free travellers to pieces which only touch briefly on the freefrom food obtainable – but which might still inspire some future adventures.
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General advice

International Food Allergens. Alex at Allergy Insight has been looking at allergen labelling across the world courtesy of the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the US. the prgoramme offers users the facility to select a food allergen from a choice of around two dozen, and be shown in which countries that allergen is declarable for labelling purposes. August 2019

Top tips for travelleing with allergies. Nathalie has a muti allergic 6-year old, Callum, so travelling is not easy. But it is possible and here are her tops tips for having a safe but still enjoyable summer holiday. July 2018

KissMyGlutenFree – a great series of maps created by Australian mum-of-a-coeliac. They cover population centres across the world (majoring on Australasia, US and UK) and highlighting gluten free, gluten safe and gluten aware eateries. January 2018

Gluten Free Mrs D – great blog site from keen coeliac/nut allergic traveller and judges at the Freefrom Eating out Awards. UK and round the world. November 2017 – a new site for keen allergic travellers. Four keen travellers with 30 different allergies between them have set up a one stop shop for allergic travellers where you can find out everything you need to know about your chosen destination. August 2017

Travelling with allergies. Inveterate gluten-free traveller Catherine Rose gives her top five tips for safe but enjoyable travelling with allergies. July 2017

Which are the best airlines for allergic travellers? Catherine Rose checks out the airlines' freefrom food offer. July 2017

Virgin Airlines steps up to the mark. Virgin look after two ultra allergic children pretty well, once they found thier special meal.... July 2014.

Money Holiday guides. Useful information on travelling especially re insurance - from 2014 but still valid.

Flying with allergies. Helpful advice from Allergic Living magazine - 2013

Vacationing WITHOUT your food allergic children. Basic tips to make this possibility a reality. January 2013

Safe festivities for food allergics. Advice from the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) 2012

Travelling in the UK and Ireland

FreeFrom Google map. The FreeFrom Eating Out Awards has just created a Google map showcasing the gold, silver and bronze winners from the lsat three years' awards. Check out all details including the judges' comments. December 2017

Wensleydale without the cheese. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson goes freefrom in the Yorkshire dales. Plus Wensleydale addendum – electromagnetic sensitivity – and dental implants…. June 2017

Harvesting seaweed in the West of Ireland – A seaweed forage in County Sligo with seaweed expert Prannie Rhatigan. April 2017

New Year ramblings in Dorset - with a couple of suggestions for freefrom meals. January 2017

Cultural Kirkwall - and bere barley – and Freefrom Orkney. A visit to the Orkney Science Festival. September 2016

FreeFrom and organic in the West of Ireland. October 2014

Liverpool. Two blogs about Liverpool ('The Everyman' and 'The delights of') both with passing references to where you can (and can not) eat freefrom. October 2014

A rave review for a truly allergy-friendly holiday in Cornwall (Higher Lank Farm) from the YesNoBananas blogger Alexa Baracaia whose little boy has multiple, anaphylactic allergies. July 2013

Cloona Health Centre – a free-from, relaxing holiday in a yoga retreat overlooking Clew Bay in the far west of Ireland. July 2012

Travelling in Europe

FreeFrom and eco-friendly skiing in the French Alps. An update on the ever growing Alikats skiing 'empire' – this year including an environmentally friendy eco-package. October 2019

US versus EU Food Allergen Labelling. Alex Gazzola explains how to be ‘label aware’ when you cross the Atlantic with coeliac disease, food allergies or intolerances. May 2018

Moderately freefrom in Puglia. Editor Michelle BJ spends ten days enjoying autumn in Puglia. Janauru 2018

The Hague gluten-free city guide. FreeFrom Food and Eating Out Awards judge, Benjamin Richardson, has just uploaded an excellent guide to gluten-free eating in the Hague onto his ForeEverFreeFrom blog. October 2017

Eating out with allergies in Greece. This year the '7 years to diagnosis' family went to Greece - another rave success! thanks party ot teh Hard Rock café in Athens. 2017

Eating out with allergies the Portuguese way. Travelling with the '7 years to diagnosis' family is intersting to say the least. They include one family member who is a dairy-allergic coeliac, one who is restricted to under ten foods - and a diabetic! Here is how they got on in Portugal. 2016

Gluten Free Salzburg. Salzburg was not on Catherine Rose's bucket list of cities to visit but, thanks to her partner's job, she came to know it like the back of her hand. Here are her top gluten-free tips. September 2017

Alikats – amazing 'freefrom' skiing in the French alps. September 2017

Gluten-free in Barcelona. Catherine Rose tells you how to eat amazingly - but totally gluten free – in her favourite city. And take in the sights.... August 2017

Paris – a feast for the eye but not for the freefrom stomach…. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson spends an enjoyable but rather hungry weekend in Paris. April 2017

Holidaying in Portugal. Diary entry from two multi-allergic children about preparations for their holiday in Portugal. August 2016

Walking the Cinque Terre. A short travelog but no specific recommendations for freefrom food. May 2016

Gluten-free guide to Italy. Dr Maria Ann Roglieri, professor of Italian at St Thomas Aquinas College, author of a book on Dante and music, helps you to eat well gluten free in Italy!  Revised 2015

Great blog on eating gluten-free in Bologna from Madame Free-From. May 2014

FreeFrom skiing in the French Alps with Alikats. Multi-allergic Ruth of What Allergy? spent a fortnight in Morzine with Al and Kathryn at one of their Alikats chalets – and had a ball! January 2013

Travelling in the Middle East

Jordan. Two blogs about a visit to Petra and to the Wadi Rum desert. General notes about freefrom food – nothing specific. February 2016

Travelling in the Americas

US versus EU Food Allergen Labelling. Alex Gazzola explains how to be ‘label aware’ when you cross the Atlantic with coeliac disease, food allergies or intolerances. May 2018

Catherine Rose's five days gluten-free in New York. 'New York City deserves a whole book not just an article! It’s a city that is so clued up with free-from that you could go into any restaurant and I’m certain you’d find something to eat.' October 2017

Eating in Disneyland. One allergic family's top picks. The favourite being the Raglan Road Irish Pub. 2014

Gluten-free Guide to New York. Dr Maria Ann Roglieri, author of the Gluten-free Guide to Italy will also guide you round New York.

Summer camps in Arizona for kids with deadly food allergies. June 2012

Travelling in India

Village Ways – freefrom in the Himalayas. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson goes walking in the foothills of the Himalayas. First published 2007; updated 2102. Further blog update in January 2017.

Travelling in the Far East

Gluten-free in Japan. Catherine Rose eats her way around Japan – without getting glutened – just..... December 2015

Peanut free in Singapore: what hazards face emigrés with life-threatening peanut allergies heading for the satay city? By Victoria Vaughan 2008

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