How to have a really fun, but allergy-friendly, Easter!

Nathalie has come up with no less than 14 fun alternatives to munching Easter Eggs!!


It’s almost that time of year when the Easter bunny makes a comeback, and chocolate eggs and sweets are in abundance in the shops! It’s come around so fast again hasn’t it, I’m sure it was Christmas just a couple of weeks ago!

Last year, we gave you our top tips on surviving Easter with allergies, including sharing our top tips for creating a fun and exciting Easter Egg hunt for children to complete on Easter morning, with a letter template from the Easter bunny and clues for the treasure hunt to complete!

Whilst Easter is synonymous with chocolate and chocolate-based treats, when it comes to allergies, even though the selection of goodies available in the shops is constantly improving year on year, it can still be hard to find safe alternatives. Add to that the constant advice to watch our diets and reduce sugar, and we can be forgiven for wanting to steer clear of sweets and the like.

So, for those of you still looking for Easter treats with a difference, we thought we’d point you in the direction of alternative treats that can still be found in the shops that everyone can enjoy.

There’s a mix of activities for little ones, older children and even something for the whole family to get involved with. There’s something for everyone!

Here’s our top 14 ideas for alternative Easter treats:

1. Plastic eggs filled with glow sticks – use either during the day, or create an Easter Egg hunt at night, when the eggs will ‘glow’ and create additional fun.

2. Animal puzzles – such as this adorable bunny stacking puzzle with four different bunny pictures to create

BBQ3. Rabbit crafting kit – make your own rabbit such as this adorable little kit that can be bought here. It’s a great project that everyone can help with!

4. Easter sticker books – almost every supermarket and craft shop has a collection of Easter sticker books available to buy! We thought this one was particularly cute!

5. A beautiful kite that the whole family can fly on a trip to the park – how adorable is this bee one?!

BBQ6. Spots First Easter book – this happens to be Callum’s favourite from when he was little, and still is a firm favourite now!

7. How about some cute bunny slippers – the perfect way to stay cosy over the Easter weekend and beyond!

8. Pyjama sets are also a great way of giving a treat that will keep on giving long after Easter has passed! We found this wonderful children’s set! Or how about this adult version too that can be personalised for the whole family?!

BBQ9. Bunny ears are always a welcome addition to dress up kits! How about making your own using these clever directions?

10. Or how about finger puppet kits – these are always popular in our house and a great way of getting siblings to work well together as a team to make them!

11. There is also the iconic Easter Bonnet kits, and often schools will get children to create some in the run up to the Easter holidays!

12. One of the items I buy year after year is Easter activity books. They’re great for days out, and also as treats to be left on the table for Easter morning!

13. Whilst researching this list, I came across playdough kits which have playdough in a cute easter basket, and also an easter themed book!

14. Toy egg kits (see top of the page) for little ones – these were a big hit with Callum when he was younger and he used to spend hours playing with them!

Which one of these activities will you be trying? Have you already found some?! We’ve got an Easter Finger Puppet kit and also a kite to try out, so we shall let you know how we get on!

Have a wonderful and reaction free Easter from us all at Foods Matter!

March 2018

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