Cough medicine suggestions

A letter from Susan Gault (DNMed):

In response to your request for decongestant medicine without sorbitol or artificial sweeteners, may I recommend Ivy-Thyme complex for coughs and chest/bronchial congestion and plantago for catarrhal congestion.

Both of these are herbal and in tincture form and can be added to water as per directions on bottle. They should not be taken if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
From Bioforce (A.Vogel) 0800 085 0820 or you may find them in good health shops.

Victoria Bucknall recommends New Era tissue salts (Q for catarrh and J for coughs and colds). She learned about them in the naturalist/herbalist magazine Grace which she finds very useful – 01202 476 868.

First published in November 2008


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