Epinephrine key – new and more convenient delivery

TCB Medical Devices’ founder, allergist Dr Thomas Beller, developed a better delivery method for epinephrine: a small auto-injector that easily fits in the palm of one's hand, and attaches to any keychain just like a regular key.

Most epinephrine injectors are bulky and awkward to carry so often do not get carried. But a device which attaches to your key is much more likely to be available for emergency use when the need arises. The key is designed to fit in the hand just like a syringe. The user simply removes the cap, presses the safety buttons, and presses the tip of the device against the leg in one smooth motion.

In development for the last six months, the Epinephrine Key is a perfectly functioning prototype. TCB Medical Devices expects fast-track approval through the FDA, so that the key could be on the market in as little as four months.

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Courtesy of Medical News Today

First published in July 2010

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