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Medicinal herbs could disappear in the EU – unless we all protest NOW. September 2010

Quick run-down on health benefits of 14 of the most common herbs from Suite 101. 2009

Alternative antibiotics – 2007
John Scott looks at some alternative, non-drug-based natural antibiotics for those with a drug sensitivity, an intolerance to any of the many excipients used in drug manufacture or any problems with compromised gut flora, they can create far more problems than they solve.


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Pycnogenol improves tinnitus
September 2010

Pycnogenol helps hay fever
July 2010

Mint tea an effective pain killer
November 2009

Turmeric disciplines cells
May 2009

St John’s Wort works as well as drugs for depression – with far fewer side-effects
December 2008

Alkaloids found in Cat's Claw are anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, immuno-stimulating, and act as antioxidants
December 2007

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First Published in December 2007

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