The Anti-Virals in our Kitchen – Home Treatment for Virus infections – Dr Diana Samways MBBS

Diana Samways  qualified in Medicine and worked in General Practice. She escaped and now runs a holistic medical practice in Surrey specialising in mould allergy, Electrical Sensitivity and much else.

Her book: “I’m a Patient…Get me out of Here…” (the paper-back equivalent of rescue remedy…) is available  through  or (44)1428 643021 and gives further details of alternative approaches, avoiding antibiotics etc.

Modern illness and its treatment has become very complex, however two poorly considered dangers are virus infections and the weakening of our immune systems as a result of pollution and all-pervasive wireless microwave activity from the wifi and mobile phone industries. Over the years I have experimented, mainly for colds and ‘flu, with the anti-virals in my kitchen, and by extension some products which are made from refined foods. The idea is to reduce the duration and severity of these viral infections. Research using post-it notes suggests these measures are effective, bearing in mind we don’t know how long or severe they would have been untreated…If nothing else it keeps one busy.

The information in this article is not backed up by research or “the science” (am I alone in wondering what happened to good old fashioned unbiased ”science” but that is another issue.) So I have to give a health warning that ”if you are ill, you should see your doctor…” However, if you survive that (and I reckon nowadays, that you need to be very fit indeed to be ill,) you might find this article useful. Incidentally most GPs have not heard of many of the items mentioned below. I should add that I do not, personally, have ‘flu vaccine and am not a trained herbalist, although I have studied the subject.

Two of my personal front line anti-virals are food derivatives that have been extracted and concentrated by the alternative health industry, and are obtainable as tablets or capsules. They are mentioned first because of their effectiveness and apparent specificity. Some of the more general products have also been improved in this way. My sources of supply are given in brackets, those products also said to have anti-fungal and anti-candida effects are starred.

Monolaurin* from coconuts, (600mg capsules, 2 capsules four times daily.) This works fastest if the powder is removed from the capsules, and swallowed from a spoon with water, otherwise the capsules may pass through the intestine expensively unchanged.

Monolaurin is a preparation of Lauric acid from coconuts and is a good anti-viral, it works by preventing the virus from replicating (breeding). For sore throat, the dose can be dissolved in the juice of an organic lemon, gargled and swallowed. (From Nutricentre, product is expensive.)

Oregano Oil* (capsules, 1 - 2 twice daily with food.) I find this more useful for general bacterial infections including teeth, as an alternative to antibiotics. It is very powerful and has been used for AIDs safely in much higher doses. (Nutricentre.) I prefer to hold Oregano oil in reserve in case the virus infection doesn’t seem to resolve with Monolaurin.

Chicken Soup (strictly this is stock) known as “Jewish Penicillin” is best home made from either the bones or flesh of good quality chicken, as very cheap meat may contain antibiotics and other undesirable residues. I add chopped onions, garlic, bay-leaf etc. to this. (For an truly 'flu-beating recipe see here...)

Raw Garlic*. If cooked it loses its antiviral power (we think.) There are commercial products but I prefer the cloves and a garlic press. Can be spread on (soda) bread with butter. Makes the breath stink, antisocial.

Indian Spices Turmeric (Lamberts) and Capsicum (Metabolics) Both have some research to say they are beneficial in the diet and good pain relievers and anti- inflammatories. Most conveniently used as pill or capsule rather than from the spice shelves of the supermarket (These could be irradiated, and are not very concentrated.)

A tea made from herbs/spices: Cloves, Fennel seed, Caraway seeds and Coriander seeds.
1 teaspoon of each in about a pint (600ml) of boiling water, left to infuse for 15 minutes and then decanted. Quite pleasant to drink and research (more post-it notes) suggests the ingredients are beneficial.

Cinnamon (Lamberts do a concentrated pill) tastes wonderful, and is very cleansing. Cinnamon powder mixed with coconut oil and spread on bread is good and may help.

Live (plain, no sugar) yogurt may help and smoked salmon (expensive) may encourage appetite and replace salt lost earlier. Reducing “total load” and switching off the wireless microwave gadgets will help in a general way along with fluids and a healthy diet if hungry.

Non-kitchen anti-virals

Other anti viral products not normally found in the kitchen include Colloidal Silver (expensive, I have had little success with this,) and homeopathic Anas Barb Co 200 (Ainsworths).

Also vitamin C and Zinc (latter best as a liquid.)

A proper steam inhaler used frequently is said to kill the virus in the nose, throat and sinuses. (Comforting, too.)

Flu or cold?

It is worth considering whether we are dealing with ‘flu or a cold. “Feed a cold and starve a fever” used to be the mantra. Colds used to be in the head or rather throat and lasted two weeks followed by a cough. One could walk around and spread it while feeling rather ill.

The distinction has become blurred as colds now last much longer, and are called ‘flu as that sounds better should time off work be needed; and it will be, except for Trappist Monks, as any sustained effort at speech will result in a coughing fit which can not be hidden from clients etc.

Influenza (‘flu) is different. The symptoms include cold and hot shakes, a terrible malaise and feeling of impending doom, joint and muscle pain and an urgent wish for death. The sufferer is in bed, not part of the world, and “if you stand up you fall down”.

The general anti-viral measures above will do for both but ‘flu can be treated by Provocative Neutralisation using dilutions of the ‘flu vaccine which does not (usually) work for a cold as we have no extract of the cold virus. (Details of this, which can raise the dead, are in my book and have nothing to do with the kitchen.)

Points to Ponder

• My approach is to suppose that several different antiviral food products used at the same time will work together on the basis that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and that there is not a conflict of mechanisms of viral destruction, since much of this is about encouraging the body's immune defense mechanism to wage effective war against the viruses. This short list is a start, but there are probably many other kitchen, food or herbal items that may have anti-viral properties.

• By doing the above regime, which may reduce the symptoms to a sub-clinical level so that the sufferer is able to circulate and socialize, are we spreading the virus? Or did we kill it and does it matter? We may never know.

• Viruses already play an increasing part in causing ill health, and with the current use of viruses as carriers for genes in the genetic manipulation of food and medicines, this could become a nightmare scenario, as we have no really effective official (ie drug firm manufactured) antiviral drugs as yet. World-wide air travel makes the possibility of a serious global epidemic very likely in the years to come and my culinary dabblings may one day be very useful….

The Food Supplements mentioned are obtainable from these (and probably many other) suppliers:

Nutricentre 0845 602 6744
Metabolics  01380 812799
Lamberts  01892 554312


First published in 2013


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