Homeopathic desensitisation – a way to enable you to eat foods which you could not otherwise tolerate – John Scott explains

In my experience, desensitisation using an allergode appears to be as effective for food intolerances as it is for IgE-mediated food allergies and can be particularly valuable to anyone who is at the extreme end of the food sensitivity spectrum.

You can use homeopathy to increase tolerance to any food, and homeopathic pharmacies keep stocks of remedies made up to antidote a number of foods. Just phone round and ask them if they have a remedy made from whichever food you're interested in - carrot, apple, or whatever. They will only have what they have been asked to prepare previously, so each pharmacy has remedies for different foods, hence the need to phone around.

Helios - www.helios.co.uk - 01892 537254
Ainsworth’s - www.ainsworths.com - 020 7935 5330
Freeman's Homeopathic Pharmacy - www.freemans.uk.com - 0845 255 5155
Weleda - www.weleda.co.uk - 0115 944 8200

If none of them has what you want, you can send a sample of the item you would like to be able to tolerate to one of the above pharmacies for homeopathic potentisation, although this can be expensive, especially if you need the 200C potency (which will require 200 successive dilutions - very labour-intensive!). I have found that Helios is by far the cheapest for this service, if you need the highest potency, because they use a machine to carry out some of the work, though they can take several weeks to process an order. Once the food has been potentised, you will be able to have supplies of either tablets, pills, or liquid made up from this, as often as you require, for just a few pounds each time. It's just the initial potentisation which is very expensive.

Homeopathic tablets are usually 50% lactose and 50% sucrose; soft (quick dissolve) tablets are usually pure lactose; and pills (tiny balls) are pure sucrose. The liquid form (for use as drops) utilizes a mixture of distilled water and approximately 20% -30% alcohol but, if alcohol is a problem, the drops can be added to a little water and left to stand briefly until the alcohol evaporates.

Once you have the remedy, take this, as mentioned above, three times per day, starting about five days before you begin eating the related food, to build up your tolerance/ 'desensitise' you to the food, and continue to take the remedy for as long as you want to eat this food. If you want to use homeopathic antidotes for several foods, up to about twelve can be included together in the same remedy, for convenience.

In order to establish whether you need the 6C, 30C or 200C potency, I would recommend using a dowser or a kinesiologist, either of whom will be able to establish which dose you will require. A dowser (located by contacting the British Society of Dowsers on 01684 576969 for a list of experienced health dowsers) will even be able to tell you whether or not such a remedy will be effective in your case.

A dowser would also be able to tell you exactly which foods you are able, and not able to tolerate, so can be invaluable in managing food intolerances generally. And they can provide this service at a distance, so there is no need to select a dowser near to your home in order to be able to see them in person.

Alternatively, you could learn to dowse yourself, in which case, see the BSD website for books on the subject and simple dowsing tools and/or read this article.

I have found the use of homeopathic 'specials', as described above, extremely helpful, and not just for food. I also use this method to desensitise myself to food supplements that I need to take but can't tolerate, and I currently even have to use a special remedy to enable me to tolerate water!

Some time ago, I began to react to all waters - filtered, bottled, the lot, except for distilled water - but, having M.E., I found all the palaver associated with distillation (descaling, etc.) too much, in addition to which, this process removes all the minerals as well as everything else, so I settled on one brand of water filter and had a remedy made up from a sample of the water from this. As long as I continue to take this remedy, I am able to tolerate this filtered water.

First published on 2009

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