On getting new worms – by John Scott

So well is he now on his 'diet or worms' that John forgot to get his 'top up' dose last month and within a few weeks was struggling once more with headaches and fatigue. But now the new consignment has arrived and their larvae have been slapped onto this arm, ready to burrow in and work their way down to his gut....

This is his celebration. For more details of his journey with worms see Wriggling out of Food Intolerance.

The pipette's squeeze,
The liquid's squirt,
The hope the dose won't be inert.

WormsThe dressing's on,
The wait's begun,
The clock is set, so all is done.

Four minutes in,
I hold my breath.
Suspense like this could be my death!

Five minutes… No,
Can't feel a thing!
Why is nothing happening?

Six minutes… Ah!
What was that?
Perhaps I'll press the dressing flat.

Yes? … No!
A false alarm.
My kingdom for an itchy arm!

Hang on...
Was that it?
I think I may have just been bit!

Oh, Yesssssssssssssssssss!
What a dream!
I'm all hitched up to a brand new team.


John Scott, September 2013

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