Helminths reduce Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – John Scott reports

After having such amazing success with my long-term, severe food allergy/intolerance, rhinitis, and headaches I was hoping that, eventually, my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity might also be eased by my little gut buddies and, to my great relief, it has recently become clear that my MCS is indeed now hugely improved.

Mine was never the most severe case of MCS, but exposure to a wide variety of chemicals would produce much worse headaches than usual and leave me feeling generally a lot less well than I would otherwise have been.

I had to avoid cigarette smoke, paint fumes and some plastics, I couldn't have anyone in the house who was wearing perfume, I couldn't travel in taxis with air fresheners, and I always had to use non-fragranced household products.

Now, however, I no longer need to worry at all about fragrance, so can entertain 'smelly' people, use 'smelly' taxis without incident, and, recently, have even managed to do some painting on the house – the first I've done for many years – without any problem at all, and I was using absolutely bog standard, very smelly, solvent-based gloss paint!

Soon after I noticed these changes, another helminth host reported similar progress with her own long-standing MCS.

The precise mechanism of MCS is not yet understood, leading many medics to dismiss the condition as psychosomatic, which is, of course, the usual medical response to any patient-described symptoms that haven't yet been fully validated by clinical studies. However, the experience of Becky and myself suggests that, whatever the mechanism might be, helminthic therapy may be the answer.

First published August 2011

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