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Two good blogs from Dr John Briffa - Are conventional thyroid function tests as reliable as we're led to believe? (March 2009) and Study finds thyroid extracts to be a viable treatment for some people with hypothyroidism – June 2013

Diagnostic quiz for hypo/hyperthyroidism – January 2010

How your thyroid can make you sick, tired and overweight by Mark Hyman MD - July 2009

My story of candida, ME and Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis: a personal history of living and dealing with candida and thyroid disease - PM Stockdale 2008

The great thyroid debate: an investigation into the function of the thyroid, and the problems with diagnosis – Michelle Berriedale-Johnson and Foods Matter Readers 2006

The great thyroid debate - personal experiences – 2006

First Published in 2006

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Research Reports


Underactive thyroid linked to pesticide exposure
January 2010

Many doctors don't communicate with patients about thyroid risks, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment
January 2008

Individuals with subclinical hypothyroidism are twice as likely to develop heart failure
October 2007

Hypothyroidism clearly linked to mood swings
June 2007


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