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Helminths give chronic headache and migraine the 'heave-ho'- John Scott's intake of paracetamol to control his chronic headache has dropped from 70–90 a month to six thanks to helminthic therapy. July 2007

Cranial sacral therapy: how this therapy helped one migraine sufferer – Roger James talks to Tom Greenfield 2003

Migraine and nutritional therapy: a look at macronutrition and micronutrition that may be implicated in migraine and headache – Margaret Moss 2006

Migraine and food allergy: examining a potential connection between food allergy and migraine recurrences – Dr Anne MacGregor 2007


First Published 2007


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Research Reports


Two new studies provide more evidence of a link between migraine headaches and rhinitis. July 2013

Strong link between childhood migraine and childhood eczema, rhinitis and asthma
December 2011

Mothers who suffer from migraine more likely to have babies with colic.
Febuart 2012

Exercise and relaxation as effective in controlling migraine attacks as topiramate, a common migraine drug. September 2011

First genetic link to common migraine  
August 2010

Harvard research invovling migraineurs who are totally or partially blind reveals how light can worsen migraines.
January 2010

Chocolate for Migraine?...
September 2010

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) shows promise for migraine sufferers.
May 2009

Gluten intolerance and migraines
May 2009

Nasal sprays for hay fever may trigger migraine
May 2009

Aerobic exercise helps migraine
April 2009

Migraine? Try B vitamins to help methylation
April 2009

Migraine/PTSD link
April 2009

Causes and effects of migraine
March 2009

Reducing waistline may ease migraine in 20-55 year olds, and especially in women
March 2009

Vitamin B and folic acid may benefit migraine sufferers
March 2009

Chronic migraines may be caused by hole in the heart
November 2011

Migraines associated with lower risk of breast cancer
November 2008

Tapping nature's headache remedies
November 2008

Body mass index linked to severe headaches and migraine
October 2008

Headache management programme benefits migraine patients
October 2008

Research suggests that those who suffer from migraine headaches face an increased risk of strokes and mini-strokes
December 2007

Migraine patients are at increased risk of developing restless legs syndrome
December 2007

Genetic testing may help to diagnose people with sporadic hemiplegic migraine
December 2007

It appears that a part of the brain’s cortex is thicker in people who endure migraines compared to those who live pain-free
November 2007

Traditional acupuncture benefits migraine patients
October 2007

Parents influence migraine pain levels reported by teens
June 20087

Migraine sufferers have milder and less frequent headaches if they practice yoga, results of an Indian study suggest
May 2007

New clues on what causes migraines
May 2007

Migraine might influence cognitive ability
April 2007

Migraine miracle
September 2006

Can vitamin B2 stop migraine?
Febuary 2005


First Published in Febuary 2005


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