Asthma, hay fever, dustmites – useful links and products

  • Alex Curtis Trust
    The Trust which was set up following the sudden death of 17 year-old Alex Curtis from an acute asthmatic attack promotes awareness of asthma, eczema and related conditions in schools for the benefit of staff, pupils and their families.
  • Allergies Explained
    Excellent and very informative site run by allergist Dr Harry Morrow-Brown - special emphasis on asthma, eczema and the role of food in many classic allergic conditions.
  • Allergy Friendly Hotels
    Interactive site listing hotels which are allergen aware with particular emphasis on dust, dustmites, mould, pollen and contact allergens but also covering food allergens.
  • Allergy and Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics
    AANMA is a non-profit family health organization dedicated to eliminating suffering and death due to asthma, allergies and related conditions. Excellent resources.
  • Asthma Relief
    Manufacturers of low cost nebuliser for use where there is limited or no power sources available.
  • Asthma UK
    The UK's leading asthma charity, with a very informative website.
  • E-Cloths
    Microfibre cloths which are good for asthmatics and dustmite sufferers who cannot use most cleaners. Widely available.
  • Evelina Hospital's Children's Allergy Services
    The first dedicated paediatric allergy clinic in the UK, situated in the Evelina Children's Hospital at Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital in London. They treat anaphylaxis, dermatological, respiratory and drug allergies, immunotherapy and gastroenterologial problems, and take referrals from across the UK.
  • The Healthy House
    Excellent site with wide range of products useful in the management of environmental, chemical, airborne and ingested allergies.
  • Ikea
    100% cotton bedlinen which can be washed at 60º to kill dustmites.
  • John Lewis
    Zip around mattress and pillow protectors for dustmite control.
  • MedicAlert
    A charitable organisation which provides bracelets and neckets engraved with vital medical information for their 200,000 members with hidden medical conditions including allergy, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy etc. Part of a worldwide service through which the members medical records can be accessed via a central telephone number.
  • Midlands Asthma & Allergy Research Association
    Maara conducts and funds research into the cause and treatment of asthma and allergy, provides education and practical help to GPs and has the longest running pollen and spore data set in the world.
  • Miele
    Condenser tumble dryer – for hayfever sufferers who can’t hang up washing outside during pollen seasons but don’t want moulds growing indoors with escaping steam.
    Allervac vacuum cleaner – for dustmite sufferers. It has a red/orange/green light on floorhead to tell you when floor is truly clear of allergens.
  • National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit
    Very useful site for weather and pollen forecasts.
  • SAFE Gardening
    Using allergy-friendly plants in gardens and urban landscapes.
  • Surcare
    Unperfumed detergents, good for those with chemical sensitivities.
  • Talk Respiratory
    The sister site to Talk Eczema which aims to provide an introduction and broad base of information on various respiratory conditions.
  • Tempur mattresses
    100% memory foam mattresses good for dustmite control. Also from other manufacturers.

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