Allergy, intolerance and sensitivity information sites

  • Aldris Hormone and Atopic Information and research on a range of hormone and associated atopic conditions.
  • Allergic Child Created by Robert & Nicole Smith, parents of two children with allergies. Has information, links and books on various food and other allergies.
  • Allergic Living
    Canadian magazine dealing with serious food allergies, asthma and environmental allergies.
    Wide ranging information site covering food, animal, respiratory, contact, mould and latex allergies.
  • Allergies Explained
    Excellent and very informative site run by allergist Dr Harry Morrow-Brown - special emphasis on asthma, eczema and the role of food in many classic allergic conditions.
  • Allergy Action
    Excellent site run by Hazel Gowland, Food Advisor to the Anaphylaxis Campaign. Comprehensive advice on travelling and eating out with a serious food allergy and very helpful guidelines for food providers on dealing with customers with serious food allergies.
  • Allergy Aunt
    Support site run by parents of a small child with gluten, dairy and egg allergies – a useful 'food finder', forum and access to loads of recipes.
  • Allergy Home
    Site run by two allergists to provide practical teaching tools to those who care for children with food allergies.
  • Allergy Relief Guide
    Comprehensive US information site covering everything to do with allergy.
  • Beyond Allergy
    An online magazine/resource for allergy sufferers with articles, news and reviews plus a great number of useful links.
  • British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy
    A professional register of over 300 complementary therapists using kinesiology to test for allergies and a range of therapies to treat them.
  • Cheap Flights. Some useful information on travelling with allergies put together by a handful of specialist dietitians.
  • Cygnus Books
    Excellent mail order catalogue of mind body and spirit books 'made available to you at reduced prices, so you can feed your soul.... without burning a hole in your pocket!' Monthly reviews, special offers etc.
  • Dietary Card
    Discreet, durable and highly professional cards articulating your dietary needs to waiters and chefs in nearly 20 languages.
  • Ecozone
    Washing balls for those with chemical sensitivities who cannot tolerate detergents.
  • Evelina Hospital's Children's Allergy Services
    The first dedicated paediatric allergy clinic in the UK, situated in the Evelina Children's Hospital at Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital in London. They treat anaphylaxis, dermatological, respiratory and drug allergies, immunotherapy and gastroenterologial problems, and take referrals from across the UK.
  • FAACT. Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team. Support and advocacy group in Ohio, USA covering education, civil rights advocacy, government relations etc. Staffed entirely by parents of allergic children.
  • Food Allergy Books
    Three very useful books from the US which give lots of valuable hints and information with lots of international perspective.
  • Food Allergy News for Kids
    Lively US site with tips for managing food allergies, school project ideas, PAL programme, Dear FANKID letters page, clubhouse, activities and links.
  • Food Allergy Survivors Together
    A good non commercial site run by a 19 year old food allergic in the US. A lot of information both on allergies and how to link into a wide range of other non commercial food allergy sites - on line discussion, support groups etc
  • Food Allergy Talk
    Chatty US allergy site with a good range of information about allergy gathered from newspapers and other web resources, on line forum and store.
  • Food Can Make You Ill
    An interesting site with a lot of good research reports on food allergy/intolerance and extensive material on salicylate intolerance. It is run by Sharla Race, a food intolerant herself, who has written several books and devised a number of diets to help those on restricted diets.
  • Food Info
    An independent food information site run by Wageningen University (the Netherlands) with excellent sections on food allergy and intolerance.
  • Food Reactions
    Food allergy and intolerance information site, 'to help you understand the conditions and inform you of the best way of controlling, treating or perhaps curing them.'
  • Foods You Can
    Comprehensive site giving UK suppliers of a wide range of freefrom foods – plus recipes, blog and allergy tests to buy.
    UK supprt gorup of children with FPIES - Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome
  • Gluten Free Ireland
    Leading coeliac friendly database of venues throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland with over 800 listings.
  • Gluten Free Life Ireland
    Ireland's only magazine dedicated to coeliacs and those who choose to follow a gluten free lifestyle.
  • Go Dairy Free
    A very comprehensive US support and information site. Although the product and recipe information is only really relevant to those living in the USA it also carries good background information on milk and dairy related health conditions.
  • Green Health Watch
    Green Health Watch Magazine reports and gives the other side of the story on how environmental pollution and the way we live affect our health, and of the actions we can take to protect it.
  • The Healthy House
    Excellent site with wide range of products useful in the management of environmental, chemical, airborne and ingested allergies
  • Very helpful site deaing with reflux which in which sensitivity to cow's milk and soy is often an issue.
  • InfoAllergy
    Comprehensive site run by the EAACI (European Academy of Alelrgy and Clinical Immunology) – 'Everything you always wanted to know about allergies.'
  • Lactose Intolerant
    'Everything there is to know about lactose intolerance' - useful informational site run by Lactofree, who produce lactose-free milk products.
  • Latitudes
    A US based organisation which explores advanced and alternative approaches to attention deficit disorder/hyperactivity, Tourette syndrome, autism and learning difficulties.
  • MAP Guidelines. A primary care guide to the diagnosis and management of cow's milk allergy in the first year of life developed by an expert group for use by health professionals in UK primary care.
  • MedicAlert
    A charitable organisation which provides bracelets and necklets engraved with vital medical information for their 200,000 members with hidden medical conditions including allergy, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy etc. Part of a worldwide service through which the members medical records can be accessed via a central telephone number.
  • Merton Books
    Mail order special diet and allergy related books.
  • NHD Magazine
    The UK's only independent monthly magazine for nutrition and dietetic professionals, with many articles on allergy, intolerance, coeliac, PKU and other special diets.
  • NHS Choices Food Allergy
    Useful NHS section on food allergy and intolerance.
  • Onespot Allergy
    Medication accessories, training materials, ID and feeding products and low allergen candles, cleaning materials etc to help deal with all allergies. Based in Canada.
  • Protect Allergic Kids (PAK)
    A support group based in New York state aiming to raise food allergy awareness by promoting education and support to members – and keeping children safe. Services include useful sample letters to schools etc and information on eosinophilic disorders.
  • Parents Own
    A site which allows parents with children with gastro intestinal, feeding problems and allergies, as well as other medical conditions, to share their experiences, information and find people in a similar situation to them.
  • Peanut Allergy UK
    A useful, forum-based support site for communicating with other peanut-allergy sufferers.
  • Pure Health Clinic
    Naturopathic clinic run by a medical nutritionist who specialises in NAET allergy treatments.
    Information, forum, recipes and generally helpful resources.
  • Sersu Therapeutics
    SerSu Therapeutics make vibrational essences to protect against electro-smog and chemical pollution.
  • Tailormade Diet Company
    Service which aims to ensure that all people with special dietary needs have nutritional, appetising recipes available to them.
  • Why Risk It
    A great Canadian site for teen and young adults - lots of information and useful advice.

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