Magdalena from El Piano in York shows us how to make her vegan egg-free Spanish omelette, buckwheat pancakes – and mayo!!

Egg, gluten, lactose, milk, nightshade, nut, peanut, sesame & wheat free

Magdelena demonstrated her delicious vegan recipes for us as part of the 'cook off' at the 2015 Food Matters Live at Excel.

Magdalena does not really believes in recipes as such as she thinks that you should be letting that inner cook out to play! So her 'recipes' below should be taken as guidance – not to be followed slavishly!



  • Sliced salted potatoes and onion (5 potatoes to 1 onion of similar size) fried in plenty of olive oil (salting them for a couple of hours draws out the water and makes them faster to cook)
  • Keep the lid on so that they steam as well as fry
  • Turn them from time to time
  • Stop once the potatoes are soft
  • The egg mix is 1 heaped dessert spoon of GRAM FLOUR per egg needed - an average sized frying pan would need 6 - 8 eggs
  • Add water until the mix is the consistency of beaten eggs
  • Combine the 'egg' mix with the potato and onion mix - test that the salt is adequate
  • Either use rings to make mini tortillas OR
  • Pour the mix into a well oiled saucepan
  • Cook slowly and turn once the tortilla is firm/dry and can hold its shape
  • If turning a large tortilla, use a wet plate.
  • The tortilla slides off easily back into the pan
  • The science is that sticky things will become less so on wet surfaces.


  • 500g of buckwheat flour will yield about 80 blinis (mini crêpes)
  • Beat it well with water - really runny
  • Salt to taste and a TBL of oil will help prevent sticking (although of course, as discussed a non-stick pan would do that too!)
  • Add diced onions, herbs, cinnamon etc for additional interest
  • Then either rings or large pancakes
  • A thicker mix will give a chunkier result
  • All freezable and the thicker mini crêpes can be toasted straight from the freezer...


  • 1 part soya milk
  • 3 parts sunflower oil
  • whizz - it thickens in the last moments
  • lemon, salt, pepper etc to taste

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