Michelle's Freefrom Nduja and Potato Canapés

Corn, egg, gluten, lactose, milk, nut, peanut, sesame, soya & wheat free


This is not really a recipe at all - but little halved new potatoes seemed such a great base as a freefrom canapé that I thought I would include it.

‘Nduja is a very hot and soft Calabrian salami – soft so that it could be spread thinly on bread; hot so that a little would go a long way! Very important in the poor Calabrian countryside where meat would have been at a premium.

Provided you are not allergic to nightshades, it is a good freefrom paté as it is made from meat, chillis and oil.
And provided that you are not allergic to nightshades, thick slices of steamed new potatoes make an excellent base for canapés as an alternative to breads, toasts, oatcakes etc.

Just steam some scrubbed new potatoes until cooked, then slice them thickly and spread them with ‘Nduja or any other paté or dip that you fancy. Serve at room temperature.

'Nduja is not that easy to find outside Calabria – or a first class Italian deli. We get ours from the wonderful Giacobazzi's in NW3, just round the corner from the FoodsMatter office.

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