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Wheat, gluten, corn, soya, egg & nut free; can be dairy free

One of my favourite ‘comfort foods’ are ‘oniony’ potatoes – mashed potatoes with almost as much slowly cooked onion as potato, served with really good gluten-free sausages. But recently, faced with yet another head of ageing broccoli, I wondered if I could vary the theme – and avoid composting some perfectly good, if slightly long in the tooth, broccoli... But if you prefer to avoid elderly broccoli, still be adventurous with your mashes.
Most root vegetables mash well: potatoes, parsnips and sweet potatoes are great, carrots, beetroot, turnips and swedes are fine but slightly waterier so better combined with one of the above.

sausage mash

Mash 1
1 small–medium onion per head
1 tbsp olive oil per head
I medium–large potato per head, scrubbed
goat butter or dairy-free spread, sea salt and pepper

Peel and slice the onions reasonably thinly. In a wide pan heat
the oil, add the onions and cook very gently for 20–35 minutes until they are very soft and slightly caramelised.
Meanwhile, steam the potatoes and when cooked, mash with the butter or spread and season well. Mix in the onions and serve with sausages of your choice.

per portion – excluding sausages
280cals – 4.5g protein
15g total fat – 3.7g sat / 8.9g mono / 1.2g poly
34g carbohydrate of which 2g sugar
2.5g fibre – 41mg sodium / 0.1g salt
12mg calcium

Good Source of: Vitamin B6

Mash 2
1/2 a small onion per head (optional)
1 large floret of elderly (or fresh) broccoli per head
1/4 of a medium–size head of celeriac per head, trimmed
goat butter or dairy–free spread, sea salt and pepper

Put the onion, broccoli and celeriac into a steamer and cook for 10–15 minutes or until the celeriac is soft.
Tip all into a food processor and purée adding butter or spread and seasoning to taste.
Serve with the sausages of your choice.

per portion – excluding sausages
51cals – 3g protein
2g total fat – 1g sat / 0.4g mono / 0.3g poly
5g carbohydrate of which 4g sugar
3g fibre – 38mg sodium / 0.09g salt
51mg calcium

Good Source of: Vitamin C

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