Freefrom Stir-fried Prawns (Shrimp) with Ginger

Corn, egg, gluten, lactose, milk, nightshade, nut, peanut, sesame, soya & wheat free

If you can afford them fresh prawns are well worth the money as they have so much more flavour than the ready cooked ones.

Serves 6prawns_ginger


  • 80g / 3 oz fresh ginger
  • 200g / 7 oz button mushrooms
  • 10–12 spring onions (scallions)
  • 2 tbsp olive or stir-fry oil
  • 750g / 1lb 11oz large, raw prawns (shrimps)
  • juice of 4 limes
  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • a good selection of green leaves


  1. Peel the ginger and cut into thin matchsticks.
  2. Wipe and slice the mushrooms.
  3. Cut the green from the spring onions (scallions) and slice it lengthways into very thin matchsticks.
  4. Slice the white into separate thin matchsticks.
  5. In a wok heat the oil and add the ginger.
  6. Cook briskly, without burning for a couple of minutes, then add the mushrooms and continue to cook for another minute.
  7. Add the prawns (shrimps) and the spring onion (scallion) whites and continue to cook for a further 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently until the prawns (shrimps) are cooked.
  8. Add the spring onion (scallion) greens, the lime juice and season to taste.
  9. Serve immediately on a bed of leaves.

Serves 6 – per portion
144 cals – 23g protein
4.8g total fat – 0.7g sat / 3g mono / 0.6g poly
2g carbohydrate of which 1g sugar
0.6g fibre – 242mg sodium / 0.6g salt
111mg calcium

Good Source of: Vitamin B12

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