Michelle's Freefrom Prawns (Shrimp) with Coconut Milk

Corn, egg, gluten, lactose, milk, nightshade, nut, peanut, sesame, soya & wheat free

from Michelle's book Cooking gluten, wheat and dairy free

Very quick, very easy - and very tasty!

Serves 6



  • 6 heaped tbsp Patna rice
  • 3-4 small red or green chillies
  • 1 small head radicchio, sliced very finely
  • 3 small heads pak choi or similar Chinese green
    sliced finely
  • 400ml / 13½ fl oz full-fat coconut milk
  • juice 3 limes
  • 500g / 1lb 2oz fresh prawns (shrimp)
  • sea salt and pepper


  1. Heat a large pan of cold water, season and when it comes to the boil, add the rice.
  2. Simmer for 8-10 minutes or until the rice is cooked without being mushy.
  3. Drain and keep warm.
  4. Meanwhile, seed the chillies and cut them into very thin matchsticks.
  5. Dry fry in a pan taking care not to stand right over them as the oil can choke you!
  6. Add the sliced radicchio and pak choi with the coconut milk.
  7. Bring to the boil and simmer for a couple of minutes only.
  8. Add the lime juice and the prawns and continue to simmer for a further 2-3 minutes or until the prawns are cooked.
  9. Season to taste and serve immediately with the rice and a green salad.

Serves 6 - per portion

215cals - 19g protein
12g total fat - 10g sat / 0.5g mono / 0.5g poly
17g carbohydrate of which 0.5g sugar
0.7g fibre - 205mg sodium / 0.5g salt
126mg calcium

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