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Nutritonist Micki Rose has been developing 'freefrom' recipes for her patients and herself (she suffers from multiple food intolerances) for years. For more on her recipes see her PureHealthClinic site here; for more on her theories of total gluten intolerance and her Barrier plan, see her Truly Gluten Free site here.

How to Eat Well by Michaela Rose

87 pages of wheat and dairy free healthy
recipes, tips and information to help you cut through the myths of healthier eating. A summary of information given to patients in-clinic for over a decade, it gives you easy, quick and tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, puddings and drinks, plus how to create a healthy larder, the Dirty Dozen veg and fruit to avoid, how to boost your metabolism and much, much more.
£10.00 to download from her site here

Truly Gluten Free Breakfasts by Michaela Rose

30 pages of grain and dairy free breakfast recipes. Breakfast is traditionally a grain-based meal, with our intake of toast, cereal and porridge, and is often the most difficult meal to substitute if you’re off all grains. In her Breakfasts recipe book, experienced natural health consultant Micki Rose covers almost every truly gluten free breakfast meal you could possibly desire, and even includes a list of where to buy the ingredients she uses.
£10 to download from her site here


Super Soups by Michaela Rose

Soups are easy to make, easy to heat up and good for you, and this book of soup recipes has an introduction explaining what you will need for cooking soups, how to make stock if you haven’t got the knack of it, and contains recipes from easy beginners to more complex ones. The book aims
to encourage the soup-maker within. Cooking your own soups from scratch is a great way to avoid any allergens, as you know exactly what is going into each one, and they are a great way to increase nutrient intake easily.
£10 to download from her site here

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