Cookng gluten free

Cooking gluten, wheat and dairy free – Michelle Berriedale-Johnson

Reveiwed by Janet Woodward of Wellfoods

A cook book with a glossy photo of a pie crust on the front cover?? Wouldn't be seen as sufficiently tempting or glamorous for ordinary mortals. Oh how wrong!!

We are not talking ordinary people here….the gluten wheat and dairy free amongst us….. are in for a treat. From the first glance of the front cover….the golden pie crust…makes you want to open the book.

It has an easy straight talking text, so typical of Michelle herself…and a glorious style in buckets. It opens with a simple return to basics…with explanations and suggestions for realistic alternative grains and dairy substitutes available on the High Street throughout the UK. Extensive list of contacts, suppliers, further information in the Resources directory.

There are seriously tempting uncomplicated recipes for even the most fussy family members in addition to the recipes being suitable for the gluten/wheat/dairy frees. Just not necessary to cook two of anything….. Easy to make recipes for both the novices and experts.

There is genuine encouragement for (so far) unconfident cooks. Gluten, wheat and dairy free living can indeed be daunting…this proves it's not only possible…but with the proof you can eat very well…..

Particularly like the use of recipes from international sources…the art of the cook is to use the cuisine of other geographic regions….

Would I buy the book? Yes…no hesitation…and more important…would I use it….Yes.

Anything I didn't like?

Annoying habit of ill-placed hyphens where the wrap around for the layout of words not applied correctly. i.e. animal milks….an (appearing on one line) and –imal (showing on the next). This is what may happen when the book is type set where English isn't the first language.

Thanks Michelle for the opportunity to review this book.

You can buy the book at Amazon here.

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