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BBQFor many years Christopher White, who died last month, lightened the hearts of Foods Matter readers with his gentle, quirky humour. Many of his cartoons are to be found scattered across the site.

Click on the links below for anything from a quiet smile to an outright belly laugh. However, be warned, you will probably need to read the report or article to get the full savour of the joke.

July 2016

Camel cheese...

Acupuncture helps control pain

Healthy water – with a nod to Heath Robinson

Insect sleuths

Natural medicines

Mares' milk

Acupuncture exercise helps brain fog

Donkey milk potential substitute for children

Latest generation of cars to become wifi hotspots

Troublesome tipples

Tai chi beats stretching in fibromyalgia study

Chocolate for migraine

An inexpensive 'dipstick' test for pesticides in foods

Synthetic bedding worsens asthma

Laptop Wi-Fi radiation may affect male fertility

Back to school with allergies

Gay moths help to protect British apples

Sniffly ladies should cut the booze!

Low-allergen wines could stifle sniffles and sneezes in millions of wine drinkers

Cow’s milk first drunk into adulthood in central Europe around 7,500 years ago

Fermented milk may help prevent food allergies

Early herpes infection may protect against allergies

Low-lactose camel milk now available in the Netherlands

Air pollution extends 1.5 miles from major roads and is worse before sunrise.

Dustmites destroyed by unmade beds

Fructose in the 'fat dock'

Working in horse barns can cause respiratory problems

Cats on a plane? Allergy sufferers can’t escape

Mould toxins more dangerous than was thought

Chemical free toothpaste

The rythm of life...

Toxins inside us

Toxic Turf

Nut allergic patients struggle to recognise nut types

High fructose consumption can increase the risk of gout

Are you threatened by a lamp-post near you?

Soya beans no longer a musical fruit?

Venus fly trap could help combat fungal infections

Toilet seat dermatitis




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