Allergies and sex

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Histamine reaction during sexual intercourse. Dr Joneja was asked whether it was possible to have an allergic reaction to vaginal secretions during intercourse. Febraury 2016

Could histamine intolerance cause vaginal irriation which is exacerbated by intercourse? March 2015

Blog post commenting on reports of allergic reactions to foods via a partner's semen. October 2013

Are you allergic to your partner? Helpful post on the Jon Barron blog on seminal plasma allergy (an allergy to a partner's sperm), often confused with thrush or other pelvic inflammatory conditions, or an allergy to latex in condoms or spermicides, rather than a protein in the sperm itself. April 2013

Allergy to sex – a question and an answer. September 2009

Safe sex for allergic people – Sarah Merson charts a way through the hazards lying in wait for allergic people trying to practise safe sex. 2007



Research Reports

Human seminal plasma hypersensitivity: an under-recognised women's health issue. January 2011



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