Camel’s milk a safe alternative for children with cow’s milk allerg

Between April 2007 and February 2010, children with cow’s milk allergy (CMA) who were being seen at the Allergy-Immunology Clinic, Hamad Medical Corp, Doha, Qatar, were enrolled in this prospective cohort study to determine whether they could safely consume camel’s milk.

The children in the study had a detailed history taken, plus a medical examination, a complete blood count with differential count, total serum IgE, and specific IgE test and skin prick test (SPT) to cow’s milk. The study found that children with a positive SPT to cow’s milk had a negative SPT to camel’s milk.

Of 35 children who were enrolled in the study, 7% had a positive SPT to camel’s milk and 28 (80%) had a negative SPT to camel’s milk. All the children with negative SPT to camel’s milk took camel’s milk with no reaction. Given that SPT is a reliable clinical test, the scientists concluded that these children could take camel’s milk as a safe alternative to cow’s milk.

Source: Hindawi Publishing Corporation

First published May 2011

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