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Hundreds of articles and thousands of research reports on allergy, intolerance and sensitivity, and related health problems.

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Food allergy and intolerance
Including anaphylaxis, dairy allergy and lactose intolerance, peanut and nut allergy, egg and fish allergies, oral allergy syndrome, latex and sulphite allergies and total food allergy/intolerance syndrome.

Ruth's Allergy Diary.
17th April 2014 – How important is the ‘allergic load’ and how do you stop the allergic march?

Coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity

Sue Cane's coeliac diary
6th April 2014 – Beer fest! Sue goes to a party where she can drink all the beers!!!

IBS and other digestive conditions
Including IBS, Crohn's disease, gut dysbiosis, gut flora

FreeFrom Foods and Recipes
FreeFrom Food Directories, new products reviews and over 500 recipes
FreeFrom Food Awards (2014 winners now out) &
FreeFrom Eating Out Awards
(open 27th May)

• NEW • Raw Foods – dedicated site

FreeFrom Supplements and Superfoods
Articles, research, new product reviews and directories of vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics and superfoods

Eczema and skin care
Eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, acne, artificial chemical, petrochemical and allergen free products, natural beauty – articles, research, new product news, skincare directories and reviews – plus...
FreeFrom Skin Care Awards – 2014 shortlist now out!

Infant and child health and vaccinations

Alternative and complementary approaches
Acupuncture, alternative antibiotics, cranial therapy, dowsing, helminthic therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, hypnosis, kinesiology, meditation, NAET, NLP, oxygen therapy,

Environmental issues and chemical sensitivity

Electromagnetic sensitivity
Dirty electricty, geopathic stress, microwaves, mobile phones, wifi and bluetooth.

Asthma and respiratory conditions
Asthma, dust mites, hay fever, mould, rhinitis.

Behavioural conditions
Including autistic spectrum disorders and mental health issues.

ME, CFS and fibromyalgia

Candida, Headache and migraine, Sugar and sweeteners, Thyroid

Conference reports
Covering all of the subjects on the site

Click here for our conference and event diary

NB You will find that some of the articles and research reports on the site are illustrated with cartoons by Christopher White. If you enjoy them and wish to see more, click here for a list of where they are to be found.


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Information on this site is not a substitute for medical advice and no liability can be assumed for its use.

If you experience any problems with this website, please contact the webmaster.

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Yeast and mould allergy
What is involved in yeast and mould allergies and how to manage them.
Dr Janice Joneja.

Electromagnetic radiation and health: evidence, diagnosis and management. Conference organised by the British Society of Ecological Medicine

Stop complaining! My gut has a brain too! Courtesy of Gut Reaction.

What, Margaret Moss asks,
do they add to my food?

Stop complaining. My gut has a brain too!
Courtesy of Gut Reaction

Nickel allergy.
Dr Janice Joneja discusses its
diagnosis and management.

Successful peanut allergy trials.
Good news but not 'new' news – and
now we need more. Blog post.

Alpro in the dock over use of defensive
'nut trace' warnings on their soya milk.

Alpro has caused huge concern within the nut allergic community by labeling their soya milks with 'may contain traces of nut'

Dealing with the emotional effects of food allergy in the family.
Mel Fenson advises on how to keep your children - and yourselves - stress free.

Emotional fallout from a diagnosis of CD
Alex Gazzola explores how you can use self-help techniques to manage the coeliac disease and its consequences.

47% of MEPs suffer from an allergy.
Finding from an EAACI survey.

From Fibre to Fermentation;
The FODMAPs Revolution.

Dr Nick Read

Food intolerance is a complicated business
Margaret Moss explains.

Craniosacral Therapy
and food allergy/intolerance/sensitivity
– an update by Lyn Blythe.

Fermented carrot sticks.
Gill Jacobs continues her love affair with fermented foods!