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In the news...

Why 'Vegan' may not always
mean 'Milk Free'.

Alex Gazzola attempts to chart a course through the complexities of the definitions, all of which appear to mean something different depending on who you are speaking to!

Histamine, anxiety and panic attacks. Dr Janice Joneja looks at the surprising connections between histamine intolerance and mental health issues.

Salicylate intolerance
Margaret Moss asks whether some people are more likely to suffer from salicylate intolerance - and if so, why and what can they do about it?

How responsible should allergic
people be for their own safety?

A blog post prompted by the death
of 14-year-old Emma Sloan.

Could histamine intolerance be relevant in vaginal irritation
or semen allergy?

Dr Janice Joneja investigates.

All about peanuts...
Exciting news from the LEAP study– it does really look as though early consumption of peanuts could reduce the risk of developing allergies.
For more on the study and its back ground check here; for the research go here.

Allergy Fighting Gardening
Could the massive increase in hay fever over the last 40 years be the fault of male trees? Tom Ogren thinks so.
Read extracts from his new book.

New Q & As with Dr Janice Joneja

On histamine; on salicylates

Ingested oxygen therapy
Michelle Berriedale-Johnson describes her own experiences with the therapy in the management of electrosensitivity.

Anaphylaxis Campaign
Health Professional Conference.

Includes presentations on precautionary labeling, cow's milk allergy, the psychological needs of allergy patients, what we know about anaphylaxis and managing anaphylaxis.

Food Allergen Labelling changes.
Alex Gazzola examines the changes
being made to the product labelling
we see on our supermarket shelves.

Nutritional and dietary approaches to the management of autism
Dr Janice Joneja.

Nutrition and Mental Resilience in Children and Adults: Feeding Better Health, Wellbeing and Performance.
A FABResearch conference

Do foods with precautionary labels
really contain allergens?

Frances Dale reports

The Human Microbiome and its
importance for health

Compiled by John Scott

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